Spring marks a time of new beginnings. Miami doesn’t see much in the way of seasonal change, but the presence of spring is still apparent nonetheless. Flowers bloom and birds chirp happily. What better time of year to mark the beginning of a lifetime with the person who holds your heart? Having your wedding in the springtime in South Florida comes with its perks.

In Miami, you can virtually have an outdoor wedding any time of year, but springtime will probably be the most beautiful and comfortable time to do so. Florida is notorious for its perpetually hot and humid climate, but springtime weather can be a bit more forgiving. Imagine yourself riding to your wedding in a big, beautiful black limo, windows down, a refreshing breeze hitting your face helping you to shake off those pre-wedding jitters. You won’t experience that nice refreshing breeze in the hotter months of the year, that’s for sure. You’ll be hit with hot, humid air or maybe even a face full of rain.

Between the bride being all dolled up in 20 pounds of white satin and a full face of make-up; and all of the men in the wedding wearing all black dress suits, choosing a time of year that won’t lead the entire wedding party into heat stroke would be beneficial.

Don’t Let Weather Slow You Down

Another thing to consider about south Florida weather is the hurricanes that they are also notorious for. Springtime is the furthest away from hurricane season that one can get in Florida. Who wants wind speeds of greater than 70mph gushing through their wedding as the vows are being exchanged? Or torrential downpours drenching the wedding party and ruining the entire event? Even with the best Miami limo service, you wouldn’t want to be heading to a wedding in these conditions. Springtime is one of the safer times of the year for such a special event.

Another crucial factor to consider is how busy popular areas tend to be at various times of the year. Unless you plan a wedding during spring break, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about an influx of tourist. Florida, from top to bottom, is a tourist state. There’s no denying that. But there are certain times of the year where it becomes more populated than others. During the springtime (at least outside of Spring Break), kids are in school and unable to travel. This being applied to younger kids who may travel with their parents, as well as college age students as well. That being said, those college-age folks will be too busy with school to go on vacation or have their own wedding. This leaves all of the photo op areas as well as venues less crowded and more available for use by you and your loved one for your special day. Even when riding with the best Miami limo service money can buy, you don’t want to be stuck in traffic on your wedding day.

Our Miami Limo Service Has Got You Covered

Planning the perfect wedding can be stressful. “Stressful” is an understatement depending on who you ask. Hiring a Miami limo service will be the least stressful and most beneficial step you take in the planning process. Reliable, comfortable, and impressive transportation to and from the big event is just as crucial as having a perfect venue. If your dream wedding takes place in beautiful, sunny south Florida keep in mind all of the ups and downs of the weather, and when these weather patterns typically take place throughout the year. Springtime has its perks in south Florida. Perks that can help bring your dream wedding to life, without a single hitch. A spring wedding in south Florida promises gorgeous photo ops, accompanied by comfortably warm weather and breath-taking scenery. Springtime weddings in Miami are beautiful and memorable, the two most important qualities of the perfect wedding.